How to use the CS:GO Major Matchup Site (in 2022)

This site, which I have developed over the recent 4 Counter-Strike majors, is a popular tool to determine next-round matchups based on results.

The Link:

Basic UI

A full 3-wins-to-advance, 3-loses-to-eliminate Swiss Stage consists of 33 matches (8+8+8+6+3), which looks like this one for example.

A simple example

The 1–0 is the current bracket the teams would be in, and the lighter team is set to win this matchup. (You can also click on another team to highlight them)

#8 / -1 means NaVi is the 8th seed initially, and currently having a Buchholtz Score of -1.

Higher Buchholtz means stronger opponent, which is placed higher in case there’s a tie. When the Buchholtz score is also the same, higher seed (lower in value) is placed higher.

Highlighting the lower team

When a match is concluded, the winning team is in green color, with their match scores shown on the top.

Vitality wins the matchup

If you want to explore an alternative timeline, you can still click on another team to highlight it, but this time in red (more visibility since it would affect future rounds)

You can still make Astralis the winner… however in a different timeline


If you want to get some randomness, click shuffle on the right side. This would randomize outcome of all matches.


The Stage Selectors

Use the stage selector, or the Next Stage button to navigate through stages.

Stage Selector — use the official participants and seedings
Next Stage — using your current matchup results to determine the participants and seedings

There are some differences — Next Stage uses your current matchup results to determine the participants and seedings, while the Stage Selector would use real-world results if a stage is concluded.

Next Major Slots

The major slots and seedings by region is determined by the region’s performance in the previous major according to the 2022 Rulebook.

A possible one

In this scenario, next Major would contain 16 European, 6 American and 2 Asia-Pacific slots. The team logo on the bottom-right means the team earned a slot for the region.

It’s also possible that the slot goes to another region, if more than 3 American teams or any Asian teams qualify for the Legends (not this time).

UI Options

Turning Matches Only on would remove the qualified / eliminated teams from display in Round 4 and 5, which could be cleaner for mobile devices.

Matches Only ON
Matches Only OFF
Matches Only ON for mobile

Visualization UI is more like a graphical experiment to visualize all matches in one diagram. Feel free to turn this off if you don’t like it.

Visualization UI


How does this Buchholtz score calculated?

Team Logos underneath are the teams which has previously matched up. This is essential when calculating Buchholtz score.

A fictional matchup

Take this for example, Vitality has matched up FaZe, Cloud9, NaVi and NiP, which are in 3–0, 3–1, 2–2 and 2–2 brackets respectively. Thus, the Buchholtz score of Vitality is +3–0+3–1+2–2+2–2 = +5.

Why there are matchups that #16 is paired #15?

Challenger Stage, Round 3

The order after round 2 is -

  1. bNE, +2, Seed #16
  2. Spirit, +2, Seed #18
  3. Outsiders, +2, Seed #19
  4. Astralis, 0, Seed #12
  5. Complexity, 0, Seed #20
  6. MIBR, -2, Seed #14
  7. Imperial, -2, Seed #15
  8. Eternal Fire, -2, Seed #17

Since bNE already met EF at Round 1, the lowest team it could match is now Imperial, while Spirit could match Eternal Fire. Similarly, Outsiders already met MIBR thus resulting in Astralis-MIBR / Outsiders-Complexity matchups.




Random posts. Might be technical, might be not

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Random posts. Might be technical, might be not

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